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Erotic Bulletin 5

Rebecca Love Show on Twitch

Source: AVN

XXX fans will likely remember ginger beauty Rebecca Love. She’s been an actress for nearly 20 years who’s filmed both XXX and those cheesy movies that can often be found on late night TV, including Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre and Bikini Girls From the Lost Planet. Her most recent movie was Girls, Guns and Blood, and it’s playing now on Amazon Prime.  
But Rebecca’s decided to spread her wings, and she’s now started her own horror gaming channel on Twitch, where she plays that genre with her “deadlings”—people in her community who enjoy horror as much as she does. Her favorite pastime is to stream scary games, play terror trivia and talk about what is going on in the horror franchise.   
Rebecca’s Twitch channel is dedicated only to horror, and she and her deadlings want to celebrate that with like-minded people. It’s about the overall experience, so the gaming serves as the background noise which can get pretty funny with her “Scream Team.” (Yes, she runs everything herself, which can be very time consuming but but she loves technology and figuring stuff out.  
Fans of MissRebeccaLove (or those who’d like to be) can join her deadly desires on Twitch Tuesday from 3-7 p.m. Pacific Time. Just follow her on Twitch for notifications.
Softcore comedy script from Sreviews 2.0

In these days we have start to write an untitled softcore comedy script. The plot revolve about a sexy North Korean agent send to USA to seduce an american scientist. Obviously she fall in love for him. The script it’s an experiment with an imaginary cast: Christine Nguyen in the role of North Korean agent Kim-I-Cum, Andy Espinoza Long as the american scientist Barry Banner, and Erika Jordan in the role of her nympho fiancee Tracy.

When the script is finished, we will send it to the actors mentioned above as a Christmas present. Then, who knows…
Girls Guns and Blood
Britney Amber, Cherie DeVille, Kleio Valentien and Rebecca Love are been nominated for AVN 2020 in the category “Mainstream Venture of the Year”, for the roles in the sexploitation movie Girls Guns and Blood.

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  1. I love acting in those movies and the people you meet are priceless. Twitch gaming is my dirty pleasure because horror is my hobby and I get to broadcast my favorite genre with my buddies. Thank you for noticing my other talents. 🙂

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