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Softcore and OnlyFans – Interview with Stacy Burke

Hi, Stacy. Welcome back to Bmovies/Softcore Reviews. How are you? 
In recent years you have increased your online activity. Now you also have an onlyfans profile. How was it born and why did you decide to use this platform?
I have always been on the internet. My website was launched in 1998. I always try new venues, it gets overwhelming sometimes, So many platforms, but I try most of them and stick with my favorites. 
What content do you host on onlyfans? Is it difficult to carry out a platform of this type? What are the main difficulties?
I post whatever I want on onlyfans -to a degree – they are very restrictive – every platform has different restrictions and rules. That is why, it is nice to use more than one platform, if one content is not allowed on one platform, the same content might be allowed on another platform. As long as i get my content out there I am good! 
Have you ever thought about creating softcore content for onlyfans similar to the movies you made some years ago? 
I have all that. I don`t have much hardcore, I am mainly softcore. 
Recently, actor Peter Spellos passed away. You worked with him on “Erotic Escort Company”. What memories do you have of him? Do you want to share them with us?
Oh wow, i didn`t know that – how sad- everyone was so cool on those movies.  It was a dream come true working on them!
During your brief career as a softcore actress, casting of softcore movies has seen the involvement of many porn actors and porn actresses. You worked with adult performer Cailey Taylor in “Erotic Escort Company”, what was it like working with her? Do you think the involvement of porn actors was positive or negative for this type of movies?
She was super sweet. I only have positive views on working with her on those films – acting is acting- I see no difference!
Your love scenes was very real and full of passion. It’s complicated filming a sex scenes? What are the positive and negative side about filming a sex scenes?  What do you feel during a simulated scene? Are there emotions shared with the partner?
The only hard thing about filming love scenes is camera angles and sore muscles – no emotion- just trying to get the shot and having fun. 
If you had a time machine, what would you change about your career as an actress?
Have you ever thought about taking up acting again? Softcore movies are pretty much dead. What would you like to do?
I love acting, I still create my own content – I will never stop – I love creating skits and content – I just do it on my own time. I don`t have to audition or wait for someone to hire me – lol!
Have you ever watched the films you played?
Yes! I crack myself up. my dream was to gogo dance in movie credits like the old surf movies – and i did that – that is so cool – bucket list crossed off!! 
Next projects?
Who knows – everyday is a new adventure- stay tuned!
A final greeting to our readers?

Thank you!  Thank you for loving what Ii love. Thats all I do. I film what I love. It’s nice to know that others love it to!! 


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