Lets get a list of ...

Lets get a list of the Torchlight Films  


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09/05/2019 11:03 pm  

So, I have a subscription to, and they have been showing movies that are basically 3 Torchlight films smashed together, under the Surrender Cinema banner. I feel like Ive missed a couple of movies that were made. Can anyone help me out in creating a list of all of their movies? (If possible).

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13/05/2019 3:13 pm  

I'll list what I've seen. Also, I could be wrong but I think at some point Torchlight merged with/changed to New City Releasing which could confuse things a little.

  • A Girl's Affair (2003)
  • Air Erotica (2004)
  • All Girls Affair (2005)
  • An Erotic Journey (2006)
  • Bad Girls Doing Bad Things (2006)
  • Bar Hopping Hotties
  • Brittney's Bachelorette Party
  • Community Swingers (2006)
  • Educating Elainia (2006)
  • Elle's Erotic Nights (2005)
  • Erin's Erotic Nights (2006)
  • Ex Wife Affair
  • Hollywood Housewives
  • Hot Wives Club 2 (2006)
  • Hot Wives Club 3
  • Lacey's a Lapdancer
  • More Dirty Blondes (2006)
  • My Open Minded Wife (2006)
  • My Wife's Secret Desires (2005)
  • Naughty Neighbors (2006)
  • Nikki's Erotic Journey
  • Nikki's Erotic Journey 2
  • Playing With Penny
  • Secret Fantasies of a Housewife
  • Secret Sex Club (2003)
  • Sexual Escapades (2005)
  • She Likes My Wife (2007)

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18/05/2019 7:14 pm  

I keep track of what I watch by directors so here's a list of the ones by Francis Locke/Christopher Murphy (both are Gary Orona) and Bill Fisher.  I know Orona used a few other names that I can't remember off-hand and I'm sure I'm missing a few also.  

After The Prom
Air Erotica
Alexis Takes A Dare
All Girls Affair
Amber & Ashley Exposed
Bad Girls Doing Bad Things
Bad Girls Doing Bad Things 2
Bar Hopping Hotties
Bar Hopping Hotties 2
Bordello Exposed
Brandi's Bedroom Fantasies
Brittney's Bachelorette Party
Burning Desires Of A Housewife
Casey The Co-ed
Coed Escorts
Confessions Of A Call Girl
Confessions Of A Groupie
Curious Coeds
Dirty Blondes
Dirty Blondes 2
Divorced Wives Club
Educating Brittney
Educating Brittney 2
Educating Elainia
Educating Emily
Educating Lacy
Education Of A Co-Ed
Elle's Erotic Nights
Erica's Erotic Nights
Erin's Erotic Nights
Erotic Journey,An
Erotic Sins Of My Neighbor
Erotic University
Escort Returns,The
Ex-Wife Affair
Girl's Affair,A
Hollywood Swingers
Hot Wives At Play
Hot Wives Club 2
Hot Wives Club,The
Hottest Housewife,The
Hotties Hideout
Housewife Named Brandi,A
Housewife Named Candy,A
Housewives Who Party
Kristy Comes Home
Lacey's A Lap Dancer
Legal Seduction
Legal Seduction 2
Lindsay Loves Learning
Masseuse Returns,The
More Hot Wives Club
My Best Friend's Wife
My Open Minded Wife
Naughty Neighbors
Nikki's Erotic Journey
Nikki's Erotic Journey 2
No Inhibitions
Playing By Courtney's Rules
Samantha's Sexy Summer
Secret Desires Of A Housewife
Secret Fantasies Of A Housewife
Seducer By Night
Seducing Shannon
Sexual Awakenings
She Can't Say No
She Likes My Wife
Sheila And Shanna's Sleepover
Temptation Of Tara,The
They Call Her Trouble
Very Naughty Resort,The
Vicki The Vixen
Wife In Apartment "C",The
Ye Olde Lingerie Shop
Room ServicingBordello Exposed 2
Erica's Erotic Nights 2
Forbidden Lust
Love In The Bosses Office
My Best Friend's Wife 2
Secret Desires Of A Housewife 2
Secret Sex Club
Secrets Of A Secretary
Sexual EscapadesAll Wives Party
Casey The Co-ed 2
Hollywood Housewives
More Dirty Blondes
Naughty Wives Video Club

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18/05/2019 8:00 pm  

Turner Shylow was another one of Orona's aliases, so the following should be added:

April Aroused
Bosses Bedroom,The
Educating Roxy
Kelly's First Nudist Retreat
Mistress Of Unit C,The
Naughty Nikki
Playing With Penny

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03/07/2019 7:57 pm  

There was a huge difference in style between these flicks.


Some of them were really weird. I remember wife in apartment 3 had absolutely smoking women but loads of slo mo and loud music.

Some of the other ones had really authentic sex sounds that over powered the music and even had sucking noises during the oral sex. 


Some had really obvious fake sex with visable socks while others looks really extra mile or censored hardcore. A user found a hardcore version of TJ Harder scene in Her Private confessions that was part of a straight up separate hardcore film( pretty sure all the scenes in Her Private confessions were chopped hardcore)


Weirdest torchlight trademark was the slo mo of the moaning where the performers sounded like  mooing  cows. Who thought that was sexy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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