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Attack of the 50th Foot Cam-Girl, new movie from Jim Wynorski

Through his facebook page, director Jim Wynorski has announced the title of his next movie, produced by Charles Band and Full Moon Features.

The new project is titled Attack Of The 50 Foot Cam-Girl, and features Ivy Smith, who I honestly have never heard of before, and other names better known to our readers such as Christine Nguyen, Troy Fromin, Mike Gaglio, Frankie Cullen, Eli Cirino and the beautiful Lauren Parkinson.

The project is certainly a comedy, although we have no information as to whether it is a comedy with a sexy twist. The presence of Christine Nguyen and Frankie Cullen, who shared the screen (and the sheets!) in Retromedia’s softcore movies, could be a confirmation.

Production will begin on January 6, and of course we will notify you when we have new details and photos from the set.

A recent pic of actress Ivy Smith from facebook.

1 thought on “Attack of the 50th Foot Cam-Girl, new movie from Jim Wynorski

  1. So happy to hear this! And so amazing that Christine Nguyen seems to be in EVERYTHING these days LOL! I just hope that on Jan 10th Jim doesn’t start posting that it’s “due any day now”.

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