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Bigfoot or Bust is coming (Finally)

After a few months of waiting, it seems that the release of Bigfoot or Bust, the new movie directed by Jim Wynorski, is near.

The movie stars Christine Nguyen, Rocky De Marco, Cindy Lucas, Lisa London, Becky Le Beau and a recent cast announcement, Lauren Parkinson.

As we told you some time ago, we still don’t know anything about the plot of themovie, which will certainly be a comedy. However, we don’t know if the comedy it’s linked to sexy scenes or nudity, even if the presence of actresses such as Christine Nguyen or Cindy Lucas suggests something.

Lauren Parkinson from Bigfoot or Bust.


5 thoughts on “Bigfoot or Bust is coming (Finally)

  1. Oooh and did you see he said something about writing a “Charlie’s Angels”-type movie? I don’t know if he was joking or not, but fingers-crossed!

    1. Man, I guess I should always go with Chacebook, lol. I had hoped that it was truly coming out in Oct as Jim said it would. And now today he says an announcement is coming … “SOON”! I hope what’s holding it up really is just mixing and putting the final touches on it. It would be so sad if this was another Wynorski film to succumb to “legal issues”. Anyway, Happy Halloween to the B-Movie Films family!

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