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Erotic Bulletin 12


Crazytown, a low budget streaming series developed in 2019 and starring actress Deborah Twiss (yes, her again!) is available on the Tubi platform with the first season (6 episodes). Based on the actual adventures of an insider who danced to pay for the indie films she was creating, Crazytown tells the insane tales of the offbeat characters who struggle to live, create art, and find their way in life. We don’t know if the series will have a second season, but in the meantime you can watch the first. Below, the official trailer.


Cat Women of the Moon by Jim Wynorski

Recently, Jim Wynorski announced the filming of the remake of Cat Women of The Moon, scheduled for mid-July. Currently, the cast is made up of Lauren Parkinson, Lisa London and Becky LeBeau. Let’s remember that Wynorski has another film coming out, Bigfoot Burgers, a sequel (we nedd this?) of Bigfoot or Bust. At the moment, there is no presence of Christine Nguyen in the cast, fueling speculation that the actress is retiring from acting. In this regard, we recently learned that Christine received an offer for a role, but the producers had to give it up due to the actress’s high costs. So, she’s still in business, in our opinion.

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