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Erotic Bulletin 9 – Jayden Cole, Hump! Festival delayed

Jayden Cole SextPanther’s Model of the Month

The sexy and beautiful Jayden Cole is the SextPanther’s “Model of the Month” for July, according to Xbiz.

Since June 2018, Jayden has been a force to be reckoned with amongst SextPanther models, and she has proven that firsthand by making her presence felt on the SextPanther Model Leaderboard during June – a rep explained – Jayden achieving this feat simply proves how powerful, successful and how in-demand her brand truly is.”

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be named SextPanther’s July ‘Model of the Month – she said -This team has always been so supportive of all their models and the ‘Panther’ has always been one of my favorite platforms to use due to their exceptional model and customer support, easy-breezy direct communication and the best merchandise for the models. It’s just so fun.

Source: XBiz

Hump! Erotic Film Festival Delayed

The Hump! Amateur Erotic Film Festival, announced for the next november, is been delayed to January 2021 due the coronavirus pandemic. The decision was announced by the organizers.

Christine Nguyen New DVD Double Feature

Retromedia has launched a new, special DVD about Christine Nguyen, containing the movies Dirty Blondes from Beyond and Invisible Centerfolds. You can order on amazon.

Hang on tight as Late Night cable star, Christine Nguyen, takes you to the outer limits! Blast into space as DIRTY BLONDES FROM BEYOND (2012) crash on earth after a tremendous dog fight in a far off Galaxy. Spacegirls, Brandin Rackley and Jazy Berlin, do their darndest to evade the evil Empress (Christine Nguyen) and her wicked hench-woman (Erika Jordan) all the while attempting to elude a U.S. Special Agent, Jenna Presley, who is hot on their trail. Seeing is not believing in INVISIBLE CENTERFOLDS (2015) as Christine consents to a wacky experiment that leaves her invisible right when she needs to be seen the most. Featuring a bevy of beauties including Krissy Lynn and Scarlet Red.

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