What is the script about?

It’s about an evil doctor who wants to create the perfect sex slave.  However, his plan doesn’t go as expected and the monster is defective.  Of course, there are some twist and turns with an infamous cast.  Frank-N-Stein is ultimately a love story between the monster Stein, an Igor character that we call Frank.  I know, not another chick flick but this one is different.  It is a slapstick comedy with a not so happy ending.  Are you intrigued yet?  What if I told you about a sexy dominate nurse who is jealous of the monster.  Still need more?  There is a Grampa Vampire who knows a butcher shop for parts.  Even a “Secret Mystery Skinemax Star” guest appearance.   I want to tell you more, but then why watch the film?  I hope I gave you enough information to sink your teeth into and enjoy the bite. – Rebecca Love


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