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Has Christine Nguyen retired from acting?

I’ve been thinking about the writing of this article for a long time, born from some clues from the last 12 months. The question behind this article is: Has Christine Nguyen retired from acting?

This question arises from some considerations. In recent months, our favorite softcore star hasn’t been in any productions. It’s true, at least two films have been released with her in the cast, including the recent Blood Covered Chocolate directed by Monte Light , but in 2023 Christine has never shot a new movie, nor  been involved in a television series.

Same thing during 2022.

Randy Spears and Christine Nguyen in “Tanya X”.

This is unusual, especially for an actress used to sharing her experiences as an actress on social networks. Christine Nguyen has been sharing other things for quite some time now, including her great passion for cooking, and she recently talked about her company, but we don’t have any other details about it.

Like many other actresses in the softcore genre, Christine may have deviated from her initial path and embarked on new paths. This also happened with Beverly Lynne (recently disappeared from social media, according to our sources due to family issues), who embarked on a career as a beautician. or with Erika Jordan, focused on her role as Sexual Coach.

But Christine Nguyen has always been different. She has always shown that she wants to be an actress, and she has always shown talent as well as beauty. It would be a shame if she decided to quit.

4 thoughts on “Has Christine Nguyen retired from acting?

  1. I honestly think that Christine regrets her days in softcore. She doesn’t seem to speak about them with any fondness or reverence. Last I heard, she blocked several of her softcore co-stars on social media. She seems to have totally gone down a different path.

    1. Thanks for this update, Mark. I wasn’t aware of this thing about Christine’s social media blocks against her former co-stars, even though she blocked us while back.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know that she blocked you guys also. See, that’s what I mean. You helped her career along and her name out there and she blocks you? That’s a shame!

    1. Yes. This is happen three years ago. I suspect this decisione was chose under pressure of her boyfriend, but it’s only a suspect, I have no proof about this. Anyway, it’s true she deserve her career thanks of our support, and we continue to support her through our site when she got a new role in a movie, but obviously it’s a shame this behavior. Very little respect for the fans and the softcore industry that raised her.

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