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Julie Strain is NOT dead

The news about the death of Julie Strain, reported in the last hours from many showbiz sites, is not true.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Malibu Bay Films, which earlier Monday reported the death of the legendary softcore actress, is now saying that the B-movie queen is still alive.

The information we received from a trusted source of the community on the status of [Malibu Bay Films] icon #julie strain was found to be FALSE!” the film company posted on Instagram. “We deeply apologize for needlessly upsetting anyone as well as ourselves! We have asked THR for a retraction as well. Thank you and God Bless Julie & family.

Julie Strain boyfriend Dave confirmed she is not dead, with a statement on Facebook. From 2018, Julie Strain is suffering a serious form of Dementia, caused by a traumatic head injury she incurred in her early 20s.

One of the most popular actress in the B-Movies genre, Julie Strain was being active until 2009, year of her retirement from the industry.

Her name is principally linked to softcore movies, and particularly to the role of “Judge Julie” in the tv show Sex Court, aired on Playboy TV from 1998 to 2002. A spin-off feature based on the show was realized in 2001.  She is starring also in The Rowdy Girls along with Shannon Tweed and Deanna Brooks, and in Bikini Movies like Bikini Hotel and Bikini Squad.

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