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New projects from Acting Legally Productions coming soon

Acting Legally, the production company behind the recent Dumbfellas with Christine Nguyen and American Bigfoot (a review coming soon on this blog), provided, on “X”, some updates on upcoming projects in the works.

Project Updates: we have a new trailer for our horror movie “Bring Me A New Skin for Dancing In” with Vernon Wells. (on yourube). Also we’ve wrapped filming of our sci-fi “Another Plan From Outer Space 2”. Two more in the pipeline thar we know will tickle your fancy.

We researched via imdb, and discovered that there are in fact two projects in the works. The first is A Made Woman, written by Michael Wayne Brown and Joanna Fang, described as a thriller about “the daughter of a Mafia Capo seeks to avenge her father’s death while running a female crew”.

The second is a TV series entitled Acting Legally, but we have no further information. There is also a third project, a horror film called The Legend of Ice Heart, also written by Michael Wayne Brown.

Obviously, we hope that the fabulous Christine Nguyen will be involved in one of these projects in the future. For further updates, stay tuned.

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