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Open Letter for the relaunch of softcore genre

Two years ago, after many films entered in the genre’s history (Bikini Car Wash) and some actresses became legendary (Gabriella Hall, Monique Parent, Christine Nguyen and Beverly Lynne), the softcore movies have disappeared.

When this is happened, the genre was going through a period of fatigue, despite the strength of Retromedia, perhaps the best production company for this type of film, the Bikini Movies.

And then, nothing.
In these two years we have waited, and hoped. Hoping that something would move, that directors and producers with a project would come forward with new ideas.

Sometimes, we received small signals, but then the silence returned. Many times, through Sreviews’ twitter account, we have tried to bring the actors together to do something. With the unity, usually, you win.

But still nothing. Now this appeal, an open letter to these people:

Christine Nguyen, Beverly Lynne, Erika Jordan, Dean McKendrick, Sybelle Sylverphoenix, Rebecca Love, Evan Stone, Maya Divine, Eric Masterson, Andy Espinoza Long, Michelle Maylene, Monique Parent, Cindy Lucas, Jim Wynorski, Tabitha Stevens, Mary Carey, Jazy Berlin, Lisa Ann, Linnea Quigley, Nick Manning, India Summer, Jade Starr, Jayden Cole, Kylee Nash, David DeCoteau, Brandon Ruckdashel, Fred Olen Ray and many others.

Talk to each other. Look for a common project.
We know it. The biggest problem is money, but we are ready to support you, as a site.
There are thousands of people ready to support you with crowdfunding. They want to see their idols make them laugh, excite and … of course, be sexy.

Now the choice is yours.

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