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Tanya X revival: Is still possible?

Eight years ago, in the last sequence of Tanya X 1st season, the beautiful Beverly Lynne left the fans with the fantasy of a sex scene with zero gravity.

From that moment, the dream of a season 2 with a continuing of the sexy adventures of the BIKINI agent remained a dream, with little chance of coming true.

In the recent years, the big USA networks have relaunched many tv shows with revival, where the same actors take their characters and their storylines, years after the end of their show. But is still possible for Tanya X?

The main difficulties of a similar operation are two. The first problem is, of course, money. In fact, financing a second season requires a large sum and a serious commitment.

The second problem is the availability of Beverly Lynne. Seven years after the end of Tanya X, life has also changed for the actress, a symbol of the softcore genre for many years. Currently, Beverly is in semi-retirement, and was not involved in a movie or television project, preferring a different working career.

A second season of Tanya X, as is well known, is a project that Beverly Lynne thought of, even trying to finance it a first time, but unfortunately without success.

In a world where softcore is dead, with the final closure of genre-related films and TV series, seeing Tanya X again would be a strong signal for fans of this type of production, orphaned of their idols.
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The 1st Tanya X season is available on the official site:

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