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The Best Softcore Sex Scenes – Episode 4

Along with Christine Nguyen and Erika Jordan, Jazy Berlin is certainly one of the best softcore stars in recent years and one of my prefer.
For two simple reasons: beauty and talent in acting. This stunning blonde girl is in fact one of the few ex-pornstars capable of acting (and also really good), which she has shown in all the Retromedia films she has taken part in.

Baby Dolls Behind Bars was one of the first movies that saw Jazy debut in Retromedia productions, and as a debut it was one of the best. In this movie, Jazy has a hot shower sex scene with Christine and Erika (more about that in the next installment), and a very hot scene with Voodoo in a prison cell.

The scene starts with Voodoo passionately kissing the beautiful Jazy, showing all his enthusiasm and excitement.

Soon after, Voodoo begins to take off her bra, kissing the actress breasts.

Voodoo grabs Jazy and she strip off her prison uniform. He kisses her from behind on the shoulders, while she takes off her bra first, and then she begins to “massage” Voodoo in a special area of his body, very quickly. This is one of the few times such a thing has been seen in a softcore sequence.

Now, there is one of the best sequences. Jazy turns to Voodoo, and after watching him with very intensity, the two kiss passionately. In this scene, Jazy’s expressivity is very convincing and very, very realistic.

From now, begin the oral sex. The first round to Jazy…

…And the 2nd round to Voodoo.

After oral sex, missionary position for Voodoo.

Jazy responds with a wild Cowgirl ride. Maybe one of the best seen in a softcore movie. Very realistic.

With the final phase of the scene, Voodoo take Jaxy from behind. She moans and scream “Fuck Me!” more than once, until the orgasm. One of the best scenes in a softcore movie. In these last frames, Jazy is sexy and beautiful.

2 thoughts on “The Best Softcore Sex Scenes – Episode 4

  1. Incredible scene! She’s naked and he’s clothed – which accentuates her nakedness! Wish there were more scenes like this.

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