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Full Moon Features is killing the Retromedia movies

Some time ago, when we reviewed Attack of The 50 Foot Cam-Girl by Jim Wynorski, we expressed the hope that Full Moon Features, Charles Band‘s production company, could be “the new Retromedia”, and relaunch the softcore genre in the near future.

That hope has now been dashed. Especially because Full Moon Features is killing (literally) the legacy of Retromedia films. How?

For some reason, Full Moon Features is releasing the old softcore movies directed by Fred Olen Ray and Dean McKendrick, but the main problem is that these new releases are completely censored. In every movie, the “McGuffin” element (Sex!) was deleted completely.

This element, in some cases, is also fundamental for understanding the plot and the interactions between the characters. Retromedia productions, we would like to remind you, were mainly erotic comedies with detective, spy and sexy female alien storylines, in which various characters formed alliances with each other, became lovers, or simply betrayed each other using sex as their main weapon.

That is completely lost in the new releases by Full Moon, which has also chosen to change the titles, creating new films, sometimes even with montages of sequences from other Retromedia movvies.

Frankenspy, Huanted Hotties, Femalien: Starlight Saga, Bikini Sorority House are edited versions of Bikini Royale 2, Twilight Vamps and many others with the addition, sometimes, in the titles of actresses who do not appear.

Full Moon Features has the possibilities to make new softcore films, with new and old actresses. Why choose to edit classic gem of this genre, without the sex scenes? We expect a reply.



1 thought on “Full Moon Features is killing the Retromedia movies

  1. My guess is that Full Moon features is accessible through Tubi TV, Amazon Prime and a couple of different outlets that do not allow that type of material.

    However, Full Moon’s other website, Exotic Movie House, shows the unedited (sometimes extended/pre-edited versions) Retromedia films.

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