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Interview – HojBob Productions

Today we present a new interview with Andrew j. Chambers of HojBob Productions, a small label specialized with B-horror movies, and recently released the Lust, Magic, and the Witches Sabbath starring Morrigan Thompson and Ivy Smith.
Do you mind introducing yourself to our readers and users?
My name is Andrew J. Chambers I’m a writer, director, producer and I run HojBob Productions. 
How much is diffficult to make horror bmovies, today? Which are the main challenges?
There are always challenges. It’s a new adventure every time. I’d say the two biggest challenges are getting funding for the film and scheduling times that fit everyone’s schedule.
With the proliferation of streaming platforms, is it easier to distribute a low-budget horror film and gain visibility?
It definitely gets viewers who would be difficult to reach otherwise. However it’s difficult to get on most streaming platforms when you’re movies have an abundance of nudity. So far Troma Now has worked the best for us. 
How many days do you take to make a movie?
It depends really. I spent over a year making After School Lunch Special II: Sloppy Seconds but that is an anthology movie and we would film one story at a time with breaks in between. Babezilla was shot in a week and Lust, Magic, and the Witches Sabbath we shot in 4 days. It’s definitely less stressful if you take your time. 
Do you sometimes carry out fundraisers to finance yourselves? And what happens when you don’t reach your goal?
We do crowdfunding usually through Indiegogo. It’s worked fairly well for us. If the goal isn’t met then we take whatever we can get and do the best we can. The key is to just finish the movie no matter what. 
Who are the main actors you work with? Any favorite actors or actresses?
I try to work mostly with local actors and actresses to keep the budget down. One of my favorite locals is Raven Foyt. She’s been in most of my projects. Clint Beaver is another fantastic local actor who has been in a ton of indie films. I believe is in over 20 movies on Tubi. I do of course occasionally fly people in. I’ve worked with some pretty big names Like Lloyd Kaufman President of Troma Entertainment and Mark Torgl from the Toxic Avenger. Most recently I worked with the first Jason from Friday the 13th Ari Lehman and a fantastic indie actress Morrigan Milam-Thompson. 
Besides the horror genre, have you worked on other genres? Or do you intend to do so in the future?
I’ve dabbled in sci-fi but that usually has a hint of horror  to it as well. I just love working with practical effects.
Next projects?
We’re currently in pre production for Babezilla vs the Cyber Skanks: Rise of MechaBabezilla. That would be the sequel to Babezilla vs the Zombie WHorde. 

Andrew J. Chambers

Twitter- @hojbobprod
Instagram- hojbobproductions
Facebook- HojBob Productions


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