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Interview with Stacy Burke

For all our readers and users, we have decided to re-publish the interview to the sexy Stacy Burke, realized the last year.

Do you mind introducing yourself to our readers and users?

Hi, my name is Stacy Burke. l am a fetish Model, B-movie actress, Ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, I lived t the Playboy Mansion, l have been on the E! TV Show The Girls Next Door, l got married on that show season 5 called ‘Tying the Naughty’, l have worked for Troma Films, l have done stunts in the past, l was set on Fire on the beaches of Cannes France during the Canne Film Festival, l have worked for a few Bands as a promoter, l have worked for Riki Rachtman when he tried to re-open The Cathouse Rock Club on Melrose. You can still find me on the internet and in your local Adult stores.

You shot two softcore movies for Retromedia years ago, Bikini Escort Company and Bikini-Go-Go. Can you tell us about that experience and what did it mean to you?

Those movies meant a lot to me. 1st of all, l am all about those campy sexy type of movies, l have always wanted to be in one, but l was lucky enough to be in 2! it was also my dream to go-go dance in the credits of a movie like Candy did in the 1960`s beach go-go flicks you see on TV. That was the best dream come true ever!!

How was working with director Fred Olen Ray? How was it to work on set? Can you tell us some good stories about your experience? 

Working with Fred was awesome – he was so cool and l love his ideas — the set was amazing – all the ppl on set were so cool – it was like we all were just hanging out – we were all just having a blast. The make-up lady was great as well – infact, the make-up lady was Arnel (spelled right) Simpson – OJ`s daughter!!! l didn’t know that til the 2nd day shooting, thank gawd we didn`t make any OJ jokes – since back then, his court battle was pretty fresh in the news.
 l got to help out with my hair style, since my hair was so thin and breaking from bleaching it so blonde, Arnel did a great job keeping me and my hair looking good!!
Beverly Lynne, Brad Bartram, Michelle Bauer, Cailey Taylor, Nikki Fritz, Jay Richardson and Anastasia Pierce. How is it working with each of these actors on set? What things have interested you the most?
Jay and Michelle had the funniest bits – they would do their scenes over and over just to get it right – but everytime l thought they did great – but you can tell they were pros. l am still good friends and work with Anastasia – she is so sweet. Infact everyone was super — l honestly wish l could have been in every movie Fred did – that would have been a major dream come true – but l am happy l at least got to be in 2!
From 2006, you never more shot another softcore movie. Why? I think, personally, you was really great, funny and sexy in your roles.
Thank you – l wish l would have done more myself. l did do Devil Girl, but that was not Fred`s movie. l was also in Citizen Toxie for Troma — and l did a few bits here and there for other companies – but not as good as Fred`s movies! Luckily l did and still do fetish modeling, which involves video – so I still get to do sexy/adult/camp!
Are you stayed in contact with your co-stars, Beverly Lynne and Cailey Taylor? 
No l lost contact with them both – but l heard that Beverly has a twitter account – l never tweeted her, l do not think she would remember me – but maybe someday. 
What do you think about softcore genre and the softcore movies? The softcore genre is in crisis nowadays. Looking back, what could be done to re-launch it?
It seems a lot of adult is in crises right now – but l am optimistic – adult will find a way – adult started out in theaters, then the venue changed to Magazines, then to VHS, then to CD, then to internet, then streaming, then cable, etc – it might go thru a rough patch, since everyone can make their own now for cheap and give it away for free —- but l have faith that the adult entertainment will find a way to bounce back – it always does!
Can you tell our users about your life today? What are you doing? Next projects?
MY LIFE TODAY – going thru a very long expensive divorce, I work at a laundromat and still do fetish modeling on the side – l am very active on social media and run my website – l hope to do more once this divorce is done with, since it takes a lot of time and money – and l hope to do more charity work soon.
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