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Attack of the 50th Foot Cam-Girl Poster and Official Synopsis

Full Moon Features released the official synopsis about Attack of the 50th Foot of Cam-Girl, the new movie directed by Jim Wynorski starring Ivy Smith, Christine Nguyen, Lisa London, Frankie Cullen, Mike Gaglio, Cindy Lucas, Jamie Hunter, Becky LeBeau and Lauren Parkinson.

Beverly Wood (Ivy Smith) is one of the biggest stars on social media. Millions of fans subscribe to her sexy cam shows and buy her products and it seems like everyone loves her. Everyone that is except her husband (Frankie Cullen) and Fuschia (Christine Nguyen), the young upstart who secretly plots to bring Beverly down and take over her online empire forever!

But when Beverly’s latest – and untested – brand “Unholy Meat-rimony” gives her some gargantuan side effects, she becomes an even BIGGER force to be reckoned with! Ballooning to beastly proportions, the now 50 foot tall influencer becomes super large, totally in charge and ready for revenge in this wacky comedy that’s positively bursting at the seams!

Actually, the involvement of many softcore stars probably means the movie is an erotic sci-fi comedy, or at least with a good nudity rate. Stay tuned for more details!

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