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Cindy Lucas in “Attack of the 50 Foot Cam-Girl”

Through his facebook page, director Jim Wynorski announced actress Cindy Lucas is join, along Jamie Hunter, in the cast of Attack of the 60foot Cam Girl, the new sexy comedy produced by Full Moon Features.

The filming, after a little delay for some issues about Covid-19, are expecting to start tomorrow.

The project see the debut of a new actress, Ivy Smith, and the involvement of some veterans as Christine Nguyen, Frankie Cullen, Mihe Gaglio and Lauren Parkinson.

Cindy Lucas is another classic star of softcore, thanks to movies as Sexy Wives Syndrome, Sexy Wives Sinsations and Legend of the Naked Ghost. For Jamie Hunter, also known as the adult performer Jamie Michelle, this is the 2nd flick directed by Jim Wynorski after Scared Topless.

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