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Belinda Gavin and Nick Manning: The sexual match of the century

In the recent past, we’ve seen numerous softcore stars take the hardcore path. From Jacy Andrews, who became a porn star for a few years, to Beverly Lynne (who shot some private videos with her husband) to Kira Reed (who did the same years ago). Today, even the legendary Belinda Gavin runs along this border, in a very sexy and particular way.

In the last weeks, on twitter, we have been witnessing about an hot exchange of messages between her and Nick Manning, an adult performer who has also appeared in many softcore movies. The two have previously starred in the softcore movie Passionate Deceptions together, but have never had a love scene together.

Now, Belinda want to change this status, but seriously. Not a softcore scene between the two, but a hardcore scene that could set the skies on fire in Australia, the country of our legendary actress.

Will Belinda Gavin be able to complete her mission? We will follow this story in the coming weeks, and see what happens.

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