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Tanya X and Retromedia: trouble on Amazon

According to the official facebook page of Fred Olen Ray, Amazon suspended all sales of Tanya X Season 1,  the DVD that collects all the episodes of the sexy spy played by Beverly Lynne.
Here an excerpt from Fred Olen Ray‘s post.
Yesterday, Amazon suspended all sales of one of our DVD titles. The reason? They claimed we were violating their “Fair Pricing Policy”. The brand new DVD was being offered for $16.99.
I called them and asked what the problem could possibly be, since we’re the owner/manufacturer of the item. They said we were UNDER charging customers!!! They agreed to reinstate the item if I would RAISE the price by SIX CENTS!
SIX CENTS… so now we’re forced to sell the DVD for $17.05… is this insane or what???
Stay tuned for updates.

2 thoughts on “Tanya X and Retromedia: trouble on Amazon

  1. My immediate thought was “Damn, I better buy this in case Amazon is really trying to get rid of it” … then Amazon tells me I already bought it 9 years ago, lol. I have too many damn DVDs!

    1. I’ve experienced that same thing many times with books, especially since I mostly switched to digital. I’ll hear about something that sounds interesting, look it up on Amazon, and find out that I bought it years earlier.

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