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Cassex – News 1

According to some of our sources, who informed us in recent days, the shooting of Cassex, a new softcore movie produced by Full Moon Features, has begun.

The movie is played by Lexi Luna, Anna Claire Clouds and Lauren Phillips.

Until now, we have no evidence of involvement of historical softcore actresses like Erika Jordan or Christine Nguyen, but we doubt they are in the cast. Tanya Tate is the casting director for the movie.

Stay tuned for new updates in the next days.

3 thoughts on “Cassex – News 1

  1. I reached out to some of the historical actresses and it wasn’t a lack of interest on their part, it was a historically low pay day. Less than what they would make from a simple “Custom Video” I was told, less than half what Cinemax used to pay, and all for 12+ hour days, full nudity and simulated sex.
    Sorry for being “anonymous” on this, but I’m not sure if I’d be breaking confidence by naming names and being more specific. I also suck at the internet, so if posting reveals who I am I’d appreciate if you didn’t say.

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