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Femalien: Cosmic Crush

Directed by Lindsey Schmitz, the film features Jillian Janson as Marion Ovudo, one of three sultry students caught in a Thanagarian Pleasure Pod’s psychosexual grips. According to a synopsis provided, the Pod is a mega-parasite, and while it’s giving everyone good vibrations, it is slowly, seductively sapping them of their life essence. FemAlien: Cosmic Crush also stars Kira Noir, Denise Milfort, and Paris White.

“I had an amazing time working on this movie and I’m super stoked for everyone to see,” said Janson. “FemAlien: Cosmic Crush was such a fun and sexy adventure. Fans can expect to see beautiful women, wild aliens, and so much more.”

FemAlien: Cosmic Crush will debut in a special Director’s Cut on Full Moon Features proprietary channel The movie will arrive in serialized episodes, with the initial installment to begin streaming this Friday, Dec. 11, with the concluding half available on Dec. 18. Fans can get an eyeful and get 50% off their new Full Moon Features subscription by using the code word “Femalien” upon check-out. An alternate cut of the movie will be available later via Amazon Prime, with a fully-loaded DVD following later.

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