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Julie Strain passed away (Confirmed)

The B-Movie, softcore and scream queens star Julie Strain is passed away, she was 58. Director Jim Wynorski confirmed her death on facebook, one hour ago:

Stunning Julie Strain, whom I directed many times over the years, passed peacefully yesterday morning, at 3:30 am, Sunday, January 10. Rest in Peace, Julie, your image and personality will endure.

Julie Strain had been retired for a few years, and suffered from senile dementia, a disease that had worsened in recent years.

Woman of incredible beauty, Julie starred in many softcore comedies, b-movies and horror as Bikini Hotel, Bikini Squad, Lethal Seduction, The Rowdy Girls, How to make a Monster, Zombiegeddon and was the sexy Judge Julie in the playboy tv show Sex Court and in the movie based on the series.

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