Hello B-Movie Fans

I have always fantasized about making my own B-Movie ever since I worked with directors like Fred Ray and Jim Wynorski. Now it’s a bucket list challenge that I have to accomplish, just to say, “I finally did it.”  I wrote this script in 2012 and just pulled it back out in February 2016. I have some great friends that are writers and have been helping me make it the best it can be. I met these talented people by taking a few comedy classes by Don Barnhart.  Maybe I wasn’t ready a few years ago, but now I am preparing for the journey and blowing the dust off this slapstick comedy adventure.  I will be posting every part of my movie-making magic here for you to take this leap of faith with me. Everything that you need to know about YOUR part in my film is posted in my “about” page. Go take a look!  – Rebecca Love

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