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Jesse Jane passed away

Adult performer and softcore actress Jesse Jane was found dead in her home in Moore, Oklahoma. She was 43 years old. Her lifeless body was found yesterday, January 24, next to that of her boyfriend Brett Hasenmueller. Police suspect that the couple may have died of an overdose, but more in-depth investigations are underway. This was revealed by the American website TMZ.

Last time we heard about Jesse Jane was in 2020, when the girl was arrested for domestic violence againts her boyfriend. The former pornstar was also arrested in the 2018 for public intoxication after a football game. Since his retirement from the scene, Jesse had various issues.

Jesse Jane had taken part in Busty Cops, a softcore movie directed by Jim Wynorski in 2004, twenty years ago.



1 thought on “Jesse Jane passed away

  1. Sad to hear this. Would love to have seen her in more “Busty Cop” type movies. I was looking at her IMDB page and her unreleased “The Curse of the Zombie Pirates” has at least 3 other actors that have passed away since its filming … someone better go protect Tara Reid!

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