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Nikki Fritz passed away

Former softcore actress Nikki Fritz, a true legend for the softcore industry, is passed away in the last hours, after a long battle against cancer. She was 56. The official announcement on her facebook page, under the real name of Sage Makayla Gallegos.

Just wanted to let all of you know that our dear friend Sage has passed away. She passed a little past 1:00am this morning. She was a great soul and now she has gone to meet her soulmate “River”. She left behind many great friends and family members. She also left behind her three great puppy dogs “Diamond”, “Maya” and “Bella”. She was the center of their world and they were the center of hers.

We reported the news about Nikki Fritz illness some weeks ago, on our twitter account. One of the best performer in the softcore industry, Nikki Fritz starred in many movies as Illicit Dreams 2, Beach Babes from Beyond, Virtual Encounters 2, Bare Wench Project: Uncensored. Her last role was in Bikini a Go Go (2004) from Retromedia.

After the retirement from the B-Movie world, Nikki Fritz worked as dog instructor and trainer, maintening contacts with some of her former colleagues in the industry.

Fred Olen Ray, director who worked with Nikki in many movies, said on Facebook:

So sad to report the passing of our friend, Nikki Fritz (Sage), after a long fight with cancer… she was a beautiful soul and loved animals. I can’t even begin to tell you how many movies I made with her, but she was always a delight… a sci-fi nerd… really one of us and a close friend… later when she started her mobile pet grooming business she would come over and wash our two bulldogs. She said she’d finally found what made her happy in life… I grateful to have known her so well… RIP, Doll…

Sad day for me, as I learned of the passing of actress Nikki Fritz – said director Jim Wynorski on Facebbok – Nikki, whose real name was Sage Gallegos, appeared in so many of my movies over the years – including DINOSAUR ISLAND, CRASH LANDING, and of course THE BARE WENCH PROJECT series. She was one of the ‘Queens of Cinemax’ throughout the 90s. Not only was she stunning on the outside, she was beautiful on the inside as well. She schooled me in computer technology back in the mid-90s and we spent many nights eating & drinking at a local pub. She loved animals and fought for them – eventually leaving the acting field behind to become a certified dog groomer. Gone way too soon. RIP Nikki.

10 thoughts on “Nikki Fritz passed away

  1. Was a fan of Nikkis when I started watching Softcore movies back in the early 2000s. Loved her in the movie Sinful Obsession and it is sad to hear of her death. Just to clarify though. Her last softcore role was not 2004 Bikini A Go-Go as she appeared in two films in 2005 which were The Witches of Breastwick 2 and Bare Wench: The Final Chapter.

  2. So heartbreaking. She is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She was incredible in everyway. I will admit, I loved her. R.I.P.🙏

  3. RIP Nikki
    She was a philanthropist too.
    She helped my Mother through Women for Women international. We used to write to ourselves through that organization and her words were so nice to my mother.
    May God forgive her all her shortcomings and accept her soul in Jesus name. Amen
    Adieu Nikki.

  4. I am very saddened to hear of Nikki’s passing. She was a very beautiful woman. I met her at a Horror Convention Show in New Jersey in the 1990s and had a photo taken with her.
    I came upon her table and had to wait for a photo op. During the routine, all the other guys she posed with that day, she stood next to them holding on to their arm. With me she put her arms around my neck and held on real close – it kinda took me aback some as it was not expected. Why she did that I have no idea. Maybe she was bored and thought she’d give me a thrill IDK. (Boy did she ever). To say the least it made my day! I never forgot that. It showed what a good & outgoing person she was.
    Sad to say I never saw her again after that. I still have that photo packed away!
    I hope she is in a better place now and is continuing her goodness in the beyond.
    Fair well Nikki RIP

  5. Very very sad😥😥 to read about Nikki Fritz passing away on February 26th 2020 she will be very missed by everyone else that knew her she was so very Beautiful and lovely and such a great actress who bought a wonderful joy to everyone who saw her flims my thoughts and prayers🙏🙏 for her family and friends and all those who worked with her over the years.❤️❤️
    Yours Sincerely
    Mr Michael Hartfield

  6. So sad to hear. Love to watch her on Cinemax. A great actress and a great hart. Used to read about her and the great things she did with animals. Always was glad she came from our home town Pittsburgh. I know its been about three years since her passing, but always great to remember her. RIP Nikkie (Sage). We will miss you.
    A Fan…

  7. The melody of your orgasm was a gate where the boy in me began a journey towards the lover I would become. I’m glad it was you with your elegance. I even loved you. News of your passing reminded me how much of an impact you lead in my early development. None ever so deserving of Love and to be revered a Goddess as you Nikki. If not for your beauty, then the kindness of your heart.

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