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Pornstars we never saw in a softcore movie: Brianna Brooks

In the last years, before the erotic genre enter in crisis, many pornstars was involved in softcore movies.

Jazy Berlin, Alexis Texas, Brooke Banner, Jassie James and Jayden Cole among the best choices in the casting, capable to express sensuality and talent in the acting (Jazy Berlin it’s a really good actress, in my opinion) but also worst choices as Joslyn James (no acting skills, with her horrible scars on the boobs).

But which pornstars we hoped to see in a softcore movie and we never seen? One name: Brianna Brooks.

One of the best adult performer between the 2012 and the 2017, Brianna Brooks could been a perfect choice for the Retromedia movies, during the golden age.

Great body, sweet face, perfect tits, also capable of acting in her scenes (I remember a great scene with her in “Milf Like it Black” with Lucas Stone, a bery funny male performer gifted of a great acting skill) this girl was never choiced for a softcore movie, and many years after this is a real shame for the softcore industry.

Brianna Brooks and Lucas Stone.
Brianna Brooks and Lucas Stone.

In an industry with great difficulties in the casting of normal actresses and with always the same faces involved (this is not a mistake, if we think of the presence of great talents like Christine Nguyen and Erika Jordan) Brianna Brooks’ choice could be well welcomed, adding new blood to a genre that was trying to renew itself. It’s a shame that Brianna Brooks retired so early, but this is one of the great constants of the hardcore genre.

If she had decided to do softcore, maybe the genre would still be alive. Maybe.


4 thoughts on “Pornstars we never saw in a softcore movie: Brianna Brooks

  1. I think she retired in 2017. Did you download and watch that episode I posted for you Chuck in the erotic bulletin 6 post? You never told me if you downloaded it and watched it and what you thought of it.

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