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Randy Spears is now a religious minister

According to The Sun, the former pornstar Randy Spears is now a religious minister. Spears, who also appeared in many softcore movies, and we saw the last time in the web series Tanya X along with Beverly Lynne, Monique Parent and Christine Nguyen (we never forget the wildest sex scene between Christine and Randy!) is also counseling young couples about the dangerous of hardcore porn:

I tell people about some of the negative things about porn that happened to me in my life and I share stories with them from other people I have known and how it’s been detrimental to them. It started when people at my church started coming to me and saying ‘My marriage is over because my wife caught me watching pornography and now she wants a divorce’. It was one after the other and I thought because of my past maybe I could try and help people with that stuff. So my wife and I started taking marriage counseling classes and classes for newly engaged people. I also travel a lot and talk to people about the dangers of porn. When I started in the business, you had to go to a theater to see pornography, then came VHS so you could watch it in your home.But nowadays there are children that are accessing this stuff on their phones at nine years old – is way crazy. That’s crazy for a young mind to be able to handle that. I advise parents to keep an eye on what their children are viewing because there are some things out there that you can’t unsee and especially for the young people it really has an effect on them…it can be dangerous, no doubt about it.

We don’t know if Randy got the same opinion about softcore movies, but obviously we hope not!

Christine Nguyen and Randy Spears in Tanya X.

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