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Softcore Stars Missing in Action: Jacqui Holland

One of the most recent softcore stars, Jacqui Holland has appeared in movies such as Bikini Avengers, Erotic Vampires of Beverly Hills, Bad Girls Behind Bars and many others between 2015 and 2016.

A very short career for an actress that has never fully expressed her potential. Despite her beauty, this girl from Cincinnati (great friend of Erika Jordan) always seemed uncertain and distressed in softcore films.

Jacqui Holland’s only major flaw was her few “exuberance” in the sex scenes. On more than one occasion, the actress was obviously not comfortable with the scenes she shot. Most of the time, Holland seemed unable to express sensuality and eroticism. In an interview with Sreviews released a few years ago, actor Andy Espinoza Long said he thought the actress “was frigid”.

A clearly visible element not only in the projects produced by Retromedia, but also in the movies played by Jacqui for the director Jim Wynorski, like Scared Topless.

Not surprisingly, the actress chose to leave the softcore genre. In a post published on his blog, a few years ago, Jacqui expressed the difficulty of finding roles in other movies because of the erotic roles she had shot. This difficulty has already been expressed by other actresses in recent years, including Danielle Petty and Monique Parent.

Today, Jacqui Holland continues to star in other projects, mostly horror movies, while pursuing other personal interests.

On her site, the actress had very harsh words about her acting career:

I had come to realize that the Industry was corrupt, and many people involved had become selfish and manipulative due to the competitive nature. Although I loved acting more than anything, it was not an environment that I wanted to submit myself to anymore.

Something inside of me wanted to destroy my acting career… I was at a low point in my life and took some acting jobs that weren’t up to my usual standards. I do not regret any of my choices, it was all part of my journey and brought me to where I am today. It was one day that I was half naked covered in blood and freezing that I saw a vision of a hand come down and outstretch itself towards me. I realized it was my own hand. It was at that point that I realized I had the power to change my own life…

2 thoughts on “Softcore Stars Missing in Action: Jacqui Holland

  1. I think a great example of how frustrated she was with those erotic roles was that she chose to be credited as “Anita Rimjob” in the movie “Nipples & Palm Trees”, LOL. I’ll definitely miss her though. BTW I love the Missing in Action series. Some I miss are my favorite Shauna O’Brien (yes, I LOVED those rocket boobs! LOL), Julie K. Smith who actually is active on IG and apparently has an OnlyFans, Mia Zottoli was someone I was really getting into before *poof* she vanished, Griffen Drew, and I could go on. Oh well, I have my DVDs with terrible VHS transfers to keep me happy. 🙂

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