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Sarah Bellomo/Roxanne Blaze: a sensuous blonde between softcore and hardcore

Despite a very short career, lasting just two years, Roxanne Blaze, also known as Sarah Bellomo, is remembered as one of the most legendary stars of adult cinema, and also for having built a solid career in the softcore genre, taking part in some among the best movies in the softcore industry.

The charm of this actress was due not only to a strong sensuality, but also to a conscious acting talent. Sarah Bellomo knew how to act, a very rare gift in the adult industry, and she knew how to demonstrate it in both genres.

Sarah Bellomo won an AVN Award for Best Actress for Nothing to Hide: Justine II, and after a handful of hardcore movies, she concentrated herself, in the final part of her career, mainly on softcore productions. Among these are Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island, Bikini Drive-In (one of the best softcore movie of all time!), Virtual Encouters and, above all, Tina and The Professor.

Directed by actor Stan Haze, who would die just 4 years later, this film was a small but well-made softcore production, with a great plot and some of the boldest sex scenes seen in a B-Movie. In this movie, Sarah Bellomo play the role of Tina, a sheltered country girl, who goes to study in California. She learns about sex with her roommate and, after several love disappointments, falls in love with an eye patch-sporting zoology professor (Stan Haze) who’s old enough to be her grandfather. But at the end, Tina found he is also big in more ways. Do you know what I mean?

The movie, sometimes borders on hardcore. For example, in a specific scene, Tina guess she is touching the “professor’s sausage” and having oral sex on him, and above all in the final part, Sarah Bellomo and Stan Haze are involved in a long sex scene, last about 10/15 minutes.

Furthermore, this movie is one of the few that deals with an interracial sexual relationship, a theme not very present (unfortunately) in the softcore genre, but very present in the hardcore one. The director knows how to amplify the sensuality of Sarah Bellomo, whose peculiarity was that of having the appearance of the classic girl next door. The result is a series of very steamy scenes, among the best ever seen in a softcore film.

Another product worthy of attention with Sarah Bellomo is Bikini Drive-In. Directed by Fred Olen Ray and among the best movies in the industry, it sees Sarah Bellomo play the role of Carrie, the best friend of the main actress, Kim, played by Ashlie Rhey, another legendary softcore star.

In Bikini Drive-In, Carrie is a girl who doesn’t think twice before having sex. And in fact, just ten minutes after the start, we see her involved in a hot sex scene with her boyfriend in the bathtub.

Shortly after, Sarah also appears in another production, Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island, a confusing project where the actress plays the role of a sexy alien, arrived on Earth with two other female colleagues, and is eager to experiment with sex.

After an uncredited appearance in Virtual Encounters, Sarah Bellomo decided to retire in 1996, and there has been no news of her since. Her decision about retiring was take when she was trying to keep working in mainstream movies after porn, but it seems a bad experience overseas may have lead her to leave show business entirely.

Briefly after retiring, Sarah Bellomo appear in a tv program hosted by Geraldo Rivera, where she and another girl talked about them bad experience in porn industry. This was her last appearance.

We hope she has a happy life and family. And we always remember her for beauty and sensuality.





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      1. No problem. The film is good and the sex scenes are amazing between Stan and Sarah/Roxanne. I love older man younger woman sex scenes in films.

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