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Softcore movies, sequel and franchise

Current cinema is full of sequels, franchise, prequels. Hollywood majors work every year to make numerous superhero films, video games and more. With success.

The catch-phrase of the film industry is to create brands that are recognizable among the general public. But is this possible in the softcore genre? Over the years, many were the successful small franchises. One of them was Bikini Car Wash Company in 1992, starring the beautiful Kristie Ducati, which led to the development of a sequel the following year.

That film was one of the first examples of Bikini Movies, and the birth of a brand that was recognizable among fans still many years later. In recent years, many have been the possibilities for successful brands. Possibilities that, unfortunately, for known reasons (money), have not become reality.

Bikini Car Wash Company (1992)

Many examples are to be found in the Retromedia productions. Many films realized by this company could have generated more than one sequel and created numerous franchise. In one case this is happened, with the character of Tanya X played by Beverly Lynne (two movies and a web series). And the others? In 2010, Christine Nguyen starred in Bikini Jones and the Temple of Eros, an erotic parody of Indiana Jones, featuring a cast composed by Rebecca Love, Tony Marino, Frankie Cullen, Heather Vandeven and Jayden Cole.

It is really a pity that this first chapter was not followed by a second one. Imagine a sequel with the sexy Doctor Jones in India, involved in the search for a mysterious and secret book of Kamasutra (with positions never seen before), also sought by a group of villains, led by a nymphomaniac and crazy woman. The same can be said for Super Ninja Doll, an erotic version of Japanese superheroes starring once again Christine Nguyen (her favorite movie, as she have repeatedly confirmed in some interviews).

Tony Marino and Christine Nguyen in Bikini Jones (2010)

A sequel with Super Ninja Doll that creates a group of new heroes (obviously women), fighting a group of demigods (obviously men) in the streets (and bedrooms) of Tokyo. My god, it would have been great! Obviously, these are just fantasies. But how much would it have been nice if there had been a sequel to Bikini Frankenstein? One of the best softcore in recent years, and the first movie that introduced to all of us, and to the world, the stunning beauty of Jayden Cole. But not only this. In that movie we have the confirm of the maturity, as actress, of Christine Nguyen, capable to play the role of an unfaithful wife, with sympathy and sensuality at the same time.

Other examples of sequel? Bikini Avengers, Teenie Weenie Bikini Squad and many, many others. I’ve always wondered if Christine Nguyen ever thought about making a sequel to Super Ninja Doll or Bikini Jones. Or if Erika Jordan ever thought of going back in the role of Bikini Avenger (maybe with a new partner).

These remain desires of us, the fans, but … who knows. Never say never.


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