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The American Bigfoot teaser trailer

While we are awaitng the end for the (eternal) post-production of Bigfoot or Bust by Jim Wynorski, another comedy about the bigfoot is on the way.

Days ago was released the official teaser trailer for American Bigfoot, written and directed by Lance Polland. The movie starring Laura Stetman, Vernon Wells, Vito Trabucco and Kelci C. Magel.

Endorsed by Kevin Smith, the movie is directed by the same director of Mafia Reloaded, another comedy starring our prefer softcore star Christine Nguyen in a sexy role.

2 thoughts on “The American Bigfoot teaser trailer

  1. And I’m sure you saw this, but on the 5th he said “Bigfoot or Bust” was “Due tomorrow.” LOL. I mean I still love him and his movies, but it’s really kind of silly now. He just shouldn’t say anything more until it’s actually available, imho. Those other movies you mention look fun too, thanks for putting the word out.

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