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Famous T&A Sequel in development for Full Moon Features

Through his official twitter account, producer Charles Band announced Full Moon Features is working just now on a sequel for the movie Famous T&A.

Realized in 1982 and directed by Ken Dixon, Famous T&A was a documentary featuring a collection of nude and/or topless scenes from various films featuring actresses who were either famous at the time or who became famous later on.

Involved in the actual project is the adult performer Diana Prince, caught on set in this pic with the producer.

Full Moon Features, in the last years, is focalized in the production s of softcore movies, trying to relaunch this genre, also with sequel of famous and old movies.

1 thought on “Famous T&A Sequel in development for Full Moon Features

  1. I think it’s cool that they’re doing this, I hope there’s some good interviews. I mean, if it’s just like spending an hour on then I’ll be a bit disappointed, lol. And fingers crossed that the lovely Diana Prince and Full Moon have some more collaborations on the way in the form of new movies!

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