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The Best Softcore Sex Scenes – Episode 3

Today, in this new episode, we will analyze a love scene starring Erika Jordan, one of the best softcore stars in the recent years. This scene, taken from the movie College Coeds Vs. Zombie Housewives, sees Erika interacting with Frankie Dell, a good actor who has had a short career in the softcore genre, managing to give us some of the best sex scenes ever in this short period, with actresses of the caliber of Christine Nguyen, Mary Carey and, in this case, with the explosive and sexy Erika Jordan.

This turns out to be the first (and I think unique) sex scene between the two actors, but their alchemy is immediately magnetic. Looks and kisses are, immediately, a fundamental feature of a love scene that works immediately. The scene begins with an exchange of passionate kisses between the two. While Erika is half-naked wearing a bra, the girl gently opens her partner’s shirt.

After pulling Erika’s bra off, Frankie begins to gently kiss her nipples. The two still kiss each other. Passion is high, and at this moment the actor begins phase two of the sequence: oral sex. Erika is so involved that she lies down on the sofa and touches her breast.

After oral sex, Erika starts riding Frankie. Between the two, there are looks of passion and new kisses. It is truly interesting how Erika Jordan looks for her partner’s eyes, increasing sensuality and realism.

Frankie puts her hands on Erika’s ass and starts to accompany her during the ride. In the same sequence, while Erika continues to ride, the actor presses his left hand on the actress’s breast. Very sensual scene.

The final phase of this sequence is about to begin. Frankie, after resting his left hand on the partner’s breast, kisses her nipples.


The final phase begins, with Frankie having sex with Erika from behind. In this sequence, while Frankie continues the sex from behind, Erika puts her hand on the vagina and masturbates briefly (obviously is simulated), smiling at the camera. The climax is coming, with Frankie touching the Erika breasts again.

Frankie continues to touch her breast and, when the fateful orgasm arrives, Erika looks for the face of her partner, and between the two begins a passionate final kiss.

This is one of the best scenes with Erika Jordan, and one of the last in the softcore genre. When the film was released, the softcore crisis began to be something real and unstoppable. We hope one day to see scenes like this again, above all because a tangible example of the great professionalism and skill of this actress. To the next episode!

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  1. That softcore movie “365 Days” on Netflix did really well. Maybe softcore films are coming back???:)

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