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The comeback of softcore genre?

With the end of filming on Attack of the 50 Foot Cam-Girl, and waiting to see a first trailer for Jim Wynorski new movie, a question arises: Is the softcore genre making a comeback?

In the past few months, the Full Moon Features production company has worked hard to bring softcore back to us. Cassex with Jayden Cole, the Femalien remake are just some of the projects born in recent times. Obviously, we are still a long way from productions like Retromedia, capable of making five softcore films every year in a very short time.

Of course, we have yet to see the trailer for Jim Wynorski’s new movie, and so we don’t yet know (but we suspect) if the film contains sex and nudity scenes, although the presence of some veterans of the genre like Christine Nguyen and Frankie Cullen, as well as the director’s recent statements on facebook (“Everyone is naked!”) Seem to go in this direction.

What does Full Moon Features and Charles Band have to do to keep this genre alive and try to revive it? Here we have some suggestions.

New faces: a few days ago, we wrote about Alex Coal, and how the choice of this adult performer for new softcore movies would be extraordinary, because we would have a sensual actress and capable of acting.
Other faces we recommend are those of Nykole Mitchell (a former preacher now stripper you can follow on and actress Sybelle Silverphoenix. This last one is the prefer actress of director Sean Weathers, specialized in B-Movies. She is not shy and got severly nude scenes in the movie Mandingo Sex Addict. Time ago, she expressed interest in softcore movies on twitter, during an interessant conversation with some of our users.

Old faces and viewers wishes: Christine Nguyen is one of the actresses involved in Jim Wynorski’s new film, but our desire is to see the return of other old faces as well. Erika Jordan, Jazy Berlin, Rebecca Love and Evan Stone. In the latter case, it would finally be time to put Christine Nguyen and Evan Stone in front of the mother scene: a love scene the two have never filmed together and that many softcore viewers are been waiting for for years.

New storylines: Sexy aliens, heritage left to beautiful and sexy girls. The softcore genre has always gravitated around these plots, but it would also be time to update the schedule. Has anyone ever thought about making a sexy Christmas movie? You know those Lacey Chabert TV movies that cable televisions broadcast every year? Where a girl goes back to her birth country, does she find her old love again and everyone is always smiling and happy? Wouldn’t it be great to see an erotic version of this movie, where the classic black sheep (a terribly and sexy girl) returns to the village and upsets all the relationships of the citizens, dragging the town into a whirlwind of sex and betrayal?



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