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Alex Coal: a bright star for the softcore genre?

Alex Coal is one of the most famous porn stars in the recent years. This young girl, who started her career as a cam-girl, is now one of the most required adult performers in the hardcore industry.

Why is Alex Coal the subject of this article? Because, unlike her other colleagues, she knows how to associate an innate acting ability with her beauty. This is an element that we at Sreviews want to emphasize, prompting directors like Jim Wynorski, and producers like Charles Band, to look to this girl for their future movie projects.

Years ago, on twitter, we had a small argument with Alex Coal, probably due to a misunderstanding (we had asked her how to contact Kylee Nash for an interview). But that doesn’t stop us from being honest with all of you about this girl, who in our humble opinion deserve mainstream roles.

Alex Coal knows how to mix sensuality and acting. This is a very, very rare element in the softcore industry. When you have these two elements, you know that you have found a person capable, and professionals, for a movie.

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