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A sexy redhair: Jayden Cole

There are many adjectives to describe Jayden Cole. Powerful, magnetic, fascinating, gorgeous, statuesque, incredible, natural, amazing…

This beautiful red-haired girl, originally from California, has left her mark on the softcore genre since her first appearance, which took place in 2010 in two films that have become classics: Bikini Frankenstein and Bikini Royale 2.

Jayden Cole immediately left an indelible mark on softcore with two distinct scenes that left no room for imagination. A lesbian threesome with Brandin Rackley and Christine Nguyen (Bikini Frankenstein) that seemed more than realistic, especially in the final phase, and a very hot sex scene with Tony Marino (Bikini Royale 2), which ended with one of the best simulations of an orgasm never seen before in a softcore production.

The main feature of Jayden Cole is in fact to impart a dose of very high realism in the scenes in which she is involved, which greatly increase the erotic fantasies of the audience, especially for a factor.

Jayden Cole is, in fact, a hardcore actress, but she is only ever engaged in lesbian sequences. For years, fans have been hoping to see her in a (real) scene with a man, an element on which Jayden Cole has joked more than once.

Despite her erotic charge, Jayden Cole has been underused in the softcore genre, appearing over the years in a few productions. In 2011, this actress took part in the Cinemax series Life on Top and subsequently appeared in an episode of Chemistry, and in four other softcore films such as Naughty Reunion, Dark Secrets, Weekend Sexcapades and Carnal Wishes, her latest appearance in a softcore movie. Also not to forget is a hot appearance in the 7 Lives Exposed series, with another threesome sex scene. It is really strange that Retromedia did not hire her for other projects, having demonstrated her talent and her magnetic presence in the erotic comedies.

With the death of the softcore genre, Jayden Cole continued his career in porn, obviously only in lesbian scenes. In the early years, moreover, she starred in a sexy parody of Paranormal Activity, titled Paraknockers Activity, directed by Jim Wynorski. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, the movie was never released.

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  1. The threesome scene in Bikini Frankenstein is one of the hottest lesbian scenes I’ve ever seen. Jayden Cole, Christine Nguyen and Brandin Rackley are three of the most beautiful women to ever appear in any type of movie-not just soft core.

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