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New movie project for Melissa Brasselle and Cindy Lucas

Through his facebook page, Rocky De Marco (aka Melissa Brasselle) announced some days ago a new movie project along with Cindy Lucas. We don’t know any details, so we don’t know if the movie is an horror with nudity or a softcore project. We will share details when we have major news.

The ravishingly gorgeous Cindy Lucas and I Rocky DeMarco Entertainment have decided to pair up for another film together I am writing and directing. Fans could you ask for a better twosome. We are going to post our indigo go link and or go fund. This is what you’ve been waiting for withRocky DeMarco.

The two actresses just filmed the comedy Bigfoot or Bust, directed by Jim Wynorski and starring Christine Nguyen, Gail Thackray, Becky LeBeau and Lisa London.

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