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Sexy Nurses mistery

Today, we have found images from the movie Sexy Nurses posted on Celebrity Movie Archive, notorious site about the nudity’s in the movies.

We don’t know from where the pics come, for a simple reason: the movie was never released officially. Directed by the softcore starlet Cindy Lucas and written by Jamie Grefe, Sexy Nurses was never aired on HBO or Showtime and never released on DVD. Recently, we have contacted the adult performer Sheila Marie because she is the owner of the movie rights, to ask the permission to make a review of the movie, but the price (literally) was too high. And we refused.

So, from where the pics come? Is the movie aired in some streaming site? Actually, we don’t have response and the mistery about this movie is increased.


20 thoughts on “Sexy Nurses mistery

  1. Why don’t you contact Celebrity Movie Archive and ask them where they got the video clips from as the pictures are just from the video clips that they added.

  2. I got this link from the forum when it was still going and I remember now it was you Chuck who posted it. The film also used to be on a site called TubiTV but it was taken down

  3. Im almost certain you posted the link on the forum. You might not have watched it but I am almost certain it was you who posted it in the forum. If the forum was still up I would post a link to the post to show you. That is where I got the link from. I am 100% certain.

    1. i agree with Stephen , once in the past i was looking around this website and i saw the Sexy Nurses forum , i started checking the comments and i remember seeing someone said that it was available on TubiTv but then it got deleted.
      i forgot who exactly mentioned TubiTv , but the link was there in the forum.

  4. I had to log in to Celebritymoviearchive website and pay money in order to download the scenes. That’s the only way as the movie is nowhere to be found…
    The scenes are very good though , i highly recommend you to watch them 🙂

  5. Why don’t you email Celebrity Movie Archive and ask them where they got the clips from and also contact Jamie Grefe and ask him about a copy of the movie as he must have one.

    1. I have already contacted celebrity movie archive, with no response from them. Jamie Grefe does not own copies of the film. Sheila Marie has them, but she asks for a lot of money for a review. And this is unacceptable to me.

      1. How much money is she asking for? If i’m allowed to ask of course.
        Maybe we can somehow sort it out with her and find a solution without paying the amount of money she’s asking for.

  6. I am surprised Jamie does not have copies as he was the writer and it was probably him who added it to tubi tv. Cindy Lucas was the director as it says on the Internet Movie Database. Maybe if you know how to contact her. She might have a copy.

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