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The Best Softcore Sex Scenes – Episode 2

In this second episode of this new column, we will talk about another love scene from Retromedia, perhaps one of the best. Jayden Cole’s first ever softcore scene in his first debut movie, Bikini Royale.

I remember that the first time I saw Jayden Cole, at the end of the scene I only exclaimed: “Wow!”. And then I also thought that Tony Marino had been one of the luckiest men on the planet, even if sex was obviously simulated.

The first part of these scene, lasting five minutes in total, is a long preliminary phase between Jayden and Tony, which begins with some slow but sensual kisses between them, embracing each other on the bed. Here, Tony slowly moves his hand over Jayden Cole’s (beautiful) back, touching her perfect butt. At the end, another passionate kiss between the two performers, confirming a great chemistry.

After kissing both of Jayden’s breasts, Tony Marino begins the oral sex phase, initially gently kissing the actress’s legs initially. During this sequence, Jayden Cole touches her breasts with both hands and, in a exciting way, the camera capture a sensual expression on her face.

While the oral sex (very realistic, in my opinion) continuing, Jayden press again her breast and then massage Tony’s head. This is passion.

The first round ends with another kiss between the two performers. At this juncture, Jayden uses her tongue.

After another round of oral sex, this time from Jayden Cole, the beautiful redhair start to ride slowly his partner. In this scene, Jayden is touch her breast many times.

After this slowly but very sensual sequence, Jayden and Tony change sexual position, and this time is Tony to lead. During this part, we hear Jayden loud said “Fuck!, and to see his partner with a smile of passion, squeezing the left breast.

From now, begin the final part of this great love scene, who lead to one of the most real climax I have ever seen in a softcore sex scene. In a perfect doggystyle position, Tony and Jayden make sex from behind. The perfection and beauty of this scene is also thanks to the camera and the director. We see first the scene from the side, and then we see both the actors from near. A perfect prospective for a scene like that.

The scene continues. As orgasm is approaching, we see the expressions of the two actors, which reflect involvement and passion. Jayden moves his tongue between his lips and smiles, while Tony shows all his effort in the last few moments.

I have used the word “perfection”. And the perfection in a scene like this is also the sinchronicity in simulate what to appear to be (but it’s not) a real orgasm. Jayden Cole and Tony Marino have a simulated orgasm in the same moment, and this was really great when I saw this love scene for the first time, years ago.

The sequence ends with Tony kissing Jayden’s shoulder (“Mission accomplished”, he must have thought), while the beautiful red-haired girl once again passes her tongue between her lips, and smiles.

Let me know what do you think of this episode.

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