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The Best Softcore Sex Scenes – Episode 6


Monique Parent is one of the most beautiful, talentuos, sexy and legendary star from softcore genre. In the last 20 years, her face is become one of the most recognizable in this kind of production.

Although today this actress is mainly engaged in other genre productions, including horror and thrillers, we cannot forget how her professionalism and beauty has marked the softcore genre.

An indelible mark of Monique Parent are her sex scenes, in which this actress has always demonstrated involvement, passion, and a strong sensuality, as well as a great complicity with her partners.

In the scene we are going to analyze, her partner is in fact Randy Spears, perhaps one of the best porn actors, who recently became a preacher, denying his past. In this scene, taken from episode nine of the second season of Sex Games Vegas, (also known as Sex Games Cancun) the two are involved in a short, but passionate, sex scene

In this episode, Randy and Monique are two colleagues who, once they meet, immediately know the love and passion for each other. The two actors immediately demonstrate a great chemistry, which is probably increased by the fact that they are the same age, or in any case a mature couple.

The scene begins with Randy and Monique kissing, sweetly but at the same time full of passion.

After meeting their gazes, the two begin to undress each other. Randy’s focus is, immediately, on Monique’s bra. Slipping it off, Randy grabs one of Monique’s two (perfect) breasts and starts licking it and kiss.

The two look at each other again, and a new, passionate kiss ensues. Monique’s look reveals her passion for her partner. Randy begins oral sex on his partner, who seems to appreciate it, while Monique’s breasts are clearly visible in all their perfection.

Monique is so into it, she starts massaging Randy’s hair. This is a scene that we also saw during the scene between Randy Spears and Christine Nguyen in Tanya X, analyzed in our first episode.

The oral sex continues. Monique appreciates it so much that she kisses Randy again. Passion overwhelmed both of them.

Randy starts riding Monique. The sex is wild and she only stops at a first orgasm. The smile explodes on Monique’s face. But it’s not the end.

The final part of this beautiful scene begins with Monique licking Randy’s fingers. After another kiss and a passionate hug, the final part finally begins with Randy and Monique locked in a ride, which sees Randy touch qith he hand the Monique’s breasts. The speed increases until the final orgasm and the gaze of the two meeting again. Satisfaction, and a new, last little kiss.

This is definitely a memorable scene, especially for one element. The incredible chemistry between Monique Parent and Randy Spears, who unfortunately no longer had the chance to act together after this episode. Yes, they were both in “Tanya X”, but sadly they never shared a scene together.

Stay tuned for a new episode of  The Best Softcore Sex Scenes.

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  1. This is a great scene. I think Monique is 4 years younger than Randy as I think he was born in 1961 and she was born in 1965

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