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Softcore Stars Missing in Action: Kristi Ducati

Two beautiful eyes, a breathtaking body. An unforgettable beauty. Kristi Ducati is, after more than 20 years, a true legend for the softcore genre.

This actress has linked her name to a classic Skinemax movie, which over the years has become the reference point for fans of the genre, but also a film that has undergone dozens of imitations, even in recent years: The Bikini Car Wash Company.

Kristi Ducati appeared for the first time in 1991, credited with the name Brandy Bench, in Wild Child, a softcore choral movie where she join a cast with names like Crystal Breeze and P.J. Sparxx, two legends of porn in the 80s.

In this film, perhaps one of the best from softcore genre, Kristi show all her beauty and eroticism, an explosive sensuality confirmed in the 1992 , thanks to two other titles: Bikini Car Wash Company and Intimate Obsession.

In Intimate Obsession, a good softcore thriller, Kristi Ducati has a small role, but also this time manages to leave a mark in the male audience, thanks to one of the best sex scenes ever made. 1992 is the year of success and of the definitive consecration for Kristi Ducati.

After a small role in the cult series Married with Children, Kristi resumes the character of Melissa in The Bikini Car Wash Company 2, a sequel to the legendary first chapter. Unfortunately, the change of director and the bad script present a very different film compared to the previous chapter, killing the eroticism and not giving the right space to the actress, involved in a sex scene badly choreographed.

It is the beginning of the end. In 1995, Kristi Ducati is in the cast of Sorceress, a horror/softcore directed by Jim Wynorski, starring Julie Strain. In the same year, she get a small role in the comedy The Misery Brothers. This is the last role of Kristi, who in 1996 will only appear in a video documentary by Playboy, called Playboy: Fast Women.

After that, the actress mysteriously disappeared from the scene; rumour has it Kristi found Jesus, got married and moved to the mid-West. Some years ago, Jim Wynorski declared on facebook that Kristi Ducati boyfriend was not happy with nudities of the girl, and convinced her to quit the acting career. The yahoo group devoted to her was once very active, and a member even claimed to know Kristi and promised to ask her to do an online chat, but nothing ever came of it.

27 years later, the name and image of Kristi Ducati remain linked to a golden period of the softcore genre. We do not know what happened to her, disappeared from the scene like other starlets, but we hope she managed to build a family and a good life. Remains the memory of his immense beauty and those two beautiful eyes that could conquer the viewer with a single sight.

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